Gonna Try To Install Window Tint Myself

I was shopping around on Amazon tonight and came across a great sale on window tint for cars. Check out Austin window tint. I have never tried to tint my own windows before, but thought I could watch a few Youtube videos to figure it out.


I ordered it and it should be here in a few days. I am going to start searching for videos tonight so I can try to figure out what I'm doing. Since I have never done it I'm not sure about how it's going to turn out.


I think one of my friends did his before and I sent him a text asking him a few minutes ago, but I haven't heard anything from him yet. Hopefully I can get someone that knows what to do to help me. If he wasn't the friend that did it themselves, I am going to ask a few other ones. I'm sure I shouldn't have any problems after watching Youtube. There are many videos out there that are able to teach you how to do things that you wouldn't know how to do. I am going to check around and see if I can find any.

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